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Free: Kozio kDiagnostics Suite for PandaBoard

Kozio kDiagnostics Suite is now available free use to PandaBoard users. PandaBoard is an open OMAP 4 applications processor-based mobile software development platform. In addition to being a full design verification and hardware validation solution, kDiagnostics is an interactive guide to the inner workings of PandaBoard and the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP4430 applications processor.

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Spectra DTP4500 Development, Test Platform for Software Defined Radio

PrismTech introduced the Spectra DTP4500 development and test platform for Software-Defined Radio (SDR) developers. Spectra DTP4500 is designed to enable SDR developers to work with the high performance, low-power consumption OMAP 35x processor (with both GPP and DSP CPUs), to support embedded small-form-factor wireless systems. First deliveries of Spectra DTP4500 are planned for June 2010.

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