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Kontron Unveils SMARC Starterkit for Embedded ARM Processors

Kontron SMARC Starterkit

Kontron introduced the SMARC Starterkit. The ready-to-use kit enables developers to get started with embedded ARM processors. The Kontron SMARC Starterkit includes a sturdy transport case, has all the cables already connected and is equipped with all the necessary components, including a display and power supply. All documentation is provided on a USB drive. The Kontron kit is available now.

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GE Intelligent Platforms AXISLib-GPU Math and DSP Library

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced AXISLib-GPU, which is a library of optimized math and DSP functions that supports the rapid development of multiprocessing applications that take advantage of the power of GPGPU (general purpose processing on a graphics processing unit) technology. AXISLib-GPU supports the development and speeds the deployment of high performance DSP and multiprocessing applications on GE’s NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPGPU platforms (such as the IPN250, NPN240 and GRA111). AXISLib-GPU can operate in a standalone mode or as an integral software module within the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software environment.

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