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Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus SMP RTOS Supports Multi-threaded MIPS32 34K Core

Mentor Graphics announced the Nucleus product integration and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) support for the MIPS32 34K core that utilizes MIPS Technologies’ MT (hardware Multi-Threading) technology. The combined technology increases embedded application performance by over 20%. In addition, it does this without increasing power consumption or silicon size. Nucleus RTOS with MIPS’ 34K core provides embedded developers with system performance gains at a much lower cost.

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Mentor Embedded Nucleus Real Time Operating System Features Hibernate Mode

The Mentor Embedded Nucleus real time operating system (RTOS) Power Management Framework now features a hibernate mode. With the new hibernate/standby capability, engineers can minimize power consumption and maximize the life of battery-operated devices. The hibernate capability of the Nucleus Power Management Framework provides simplified access to power management functionality that would otherwise be left to the developer to write from scratch.

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Mentor Embedded ReadyStart Platform

The Mentor Embedded ReadyStart Platform is a ready-to-use solution for quickly developing medical, industrial, automotive and consumer devices. The ReadyStart Platform consists of integrated software IP, tools, and services for various hardware boards and system-on-chips (SoCs). The Mentor ReadyStart Platform for Nucleus is priced at $24,995. It includes the Nucleus RTOS, wired and wireless connectivity middleware, and Inflexion UI runtime engine for a single project with two developer seats.

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