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Symtavision TraceAnalyzer v1.2 for Visualizing, Analyzing System Timing

Symtavision rolled out version 1.2 of their TraceAnalyzer tool for visualizing and analyzing system timing in terms of the constituent ECUs, controllers, processors, buses and networks. TraceAnalyzer v1.2 offers a 10x speed improvement over the previous version. It also reduces memory requirements by a factor of ten. The tools shows controller and bus schedules with events, blocking and pre-emptions and details the timing chains. Engineers can see the flow of signals and data through the system including data loss and multiple reads of the same data.

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Power.org Wireless/Mobility and High Performance Computing Webinars

Power.org, ENEA, Freescale Semiconductor, and IBM are offering two educational webinars. The first webinar, QorIQ Qonverge – Complete Wireless Solutions for Small to Large Cells, will take place March 24 at 2:00 pm CT. It will be hosted by ENEA and Freescale Semiconductor. The second webinar, HPC – Innovative technologies for power management based on Power Architecture, will take place March 29 at 10:00 am CT. It will be hosted by IBM. The two webcasts are ideal for people dealing with power management issues in embedded mobile networking and high performance compute (HPC) applications.

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