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National Semiconductor WEBENCH LED Architect

National Semiconductor introduced WEBENCH LED Architect online designer tool. WEBENCH LED Architect is a tool for complete lighting system design up to 100,000 lumens in output. The visual tool analyzes 350 of the latest LEDs from 12 leading manufacturers, 30 heat sinks, 35 LED drivers, and a library of 21,000 electronic passive components. LED performance, electronic drive current and heat compensation are balanced in seconds. Electrical simulation is included as an option for additional testing, validation or component selection.

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WEBENCH Power Architect Tool for Designing Power Supplies

National Semiconductor launched WEBENCH Power Architect. The design tool enables engineers to rapidly create, model and implement multiple-output, high-performance DC-DC power supplies for an entire system. System designers can use WEBENCH Power Architect to instantly optimize multiple power supplies across several performance parameters including topology, intermediate voltage rails, footprint, efficiency, component count, and bill of materials (BOM) cost.

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National Semiconductor WEBENCH Visualizer

The WEBENCH Visualizer, from National Semiconductor, is a comparison and selection tool that enables engineers to rapidly select an optimal power system design. WEBENCH Visualizer creates a graphical snapshot of options across multiple criteria, such as power efficiency, footprint and system bill of materials (BOM) cost. Drawing from 25 different switching power supply architectures and 21,000 components, engineers can navigate through billions of power supply design alternatives in seconds. Design criteria can be modified and the real-time effects observed, allowing engineers to select the best DC-DC power supply based on their unique needs.

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