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National Instruments Shares Automated Test Outlook for 2013

National Instruments published their 2013 Automated Test Outlook. The report highlights the latest test and measurement technologies and methodologies. The research examines trends affecting industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications and transportation.

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National Instruments to Host Sensor Measurements Fundamentals Webcasts

National Instruments Sensor Measurements Fundamentals Webcasts

National Instruments UK and Ireland announce a seven-part Sensor Measurements Fundamentals Webcast Series. The first webinar in the series will cover the essentials of data acquisition and lay the groundwork for subsequent sessions. The rest of the online seminars will focus on specific sensor applications such as temperature, velocity or strain measurements. During each webcast, NI UK and Ireland engineers will present measurement fundamentals, from theory to practice. The first webcast will take place on Tuesday, December 11th.

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National Instruments Debuts NI miniSystems for Students

National Instruments NI miniSystems

National Instruments unveiled the NI miniSystems, which are miniaturized versions of real-world systems (such as roll-chassis dynamometers and electrical smart grids). The new lab platforms were developed in collaboration with educational suppliers to bring relevance to math and science theory as students begin to pursue engineering degrees.

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National Instruments Announces TestStand 2012 for Automating Tests

NI TestStand 2012 ~ automated test management software from National Instruments

National Instruments launched the latest version of TestStand, which is an automated test management software. NI TestStand 2012 helps engineers increase the flexibility and throughput of their automated test systems. The new modular framework makes test setup easier, expands test and reporting flexibility, and makes it possible for engineers to simultaneously test and report during parallel testing.

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NI Vision Development Module 2012 Enables 3D Vision in LabVIEW

National Instruments introduced the NI Vision Development Module 2012. The LabVIEW module helps engineers develop and deploy machine vision applications. The Vision Development Module features hundreds of functions for acquiring images from a multitude of cameras and for processing images by enhancing them, checking for presence, locating features, identifying objects, and measuring parts. The cost of the NI Vision Development Module 2012 starts at $3,699 (€3,549; ¥449,000).

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NIWeek 2012 Conference Taking Place Next Week

NIWeek 2012 Conference ~ National Instruments

NIWeek 2012 will take place August 6-9, 2012 at the Austin Convention Center in Texas. NIWeek is National Instruments’ annual worldwide conference on graphical system design. At the conference, attendees learn new technology that provides disruptive competitive advantages when developing software-defined systems for measurement and control. NIWeek features technical sessions, hands-on workshops, keynote presentations and exhibitions.

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National Instruments to Host Smart Machine Webcast Series

National Instruments UK & Ireland is hosting a series of webinars about smart machine design. The webcasts will present technologies, techniques and tips for optimizing machine monitoring, energy efficiency and smart machine design. The online seminars will discuss how engineers can apply graphical system design techniques to maximize production quality through performance measurements, lower the energy consumption of designs, and differentiate themselves from their competition with key technologies for smart machines. The NI Smart Machine Webcast Series will take place June 26-28th.

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National Instruments Announces Measurements Roadshow 2012

The upcoming Measurements Roadshow will feature experts from National Instruments, Honeywell and PCB Piezotronics. The half-day event is free and will take place in sixteen European countries in April and May. The NI Measurements Roadshow will explore techniques for acquiring, analysing and presenting data using PC-based data acquisition systems with real-world sensors. The event is ideal for engineers and scientists.

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National Instruments Shares Automated Test Outlook for 2012

National Instruments revealed their 2012 Automated Test Outlook, which is based on NI’s latest research on test and measurement technologies and methodologies. National Instruments’ 2012 Automated Test Outlook is based on input from academic and industry research, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and customer advisory board reviews. NI’s report provides information about trends affecting industries like consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace and defense, medical devices and communications.

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National Instruments Webinars: Optimize RF Measurements

National Instruments is offering a series of webinars on RF measurements. The webcasts will discuss the fundamentals of making RF measurements and focus on technique, best practices and increasing productivity with the industry’s latest tools. Each of the RF Measurements online seminars will be webcast twice each day, at 10am and 2pm GMT (subtract five hours for eastern standard time). The NI webinars will take place in March. The webcasts will also be available on demand after the series is complete.

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