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Nangate Footprint Compatible IPO Module

Nangate launched the Footprint Compatible module. With the Nangate Footprint Compatible IPO module, engineers can close design timing earlier. The tool saves weeks of engineer time and increases frequency performance. The Nangate Footprint Compatible module solution enhances existing standard cell libraries in conjunction with Nangate Library Creator. When used with Nangate Design Optimizer and MegaLibrary, the module results in power reduction and faster timing closure.

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Nangate 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary

Nangate has released the 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary. It supports the existing 45nm Open Cell Library that has become a standard for university research programs and in EDA and fabless organizations since it was first released in 2008. The 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary helps designers explore extra design performance gains before implementing with a foundry specific MegaLibrary on their production process node.

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