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AWR Online Training Classes

AWR is offering four online training courses next month. The online sessions cover Microwave Office (MWO), AXIEM, and electromagnetic (EM) and harmonic balance technology. The AWR classes take place of the first four Mondays in May at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. The web training courses are developed and hosted by Dr. John Dunn, a senior applications engineer at AWR.

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AWR iMatch Automated Impedance Matching Module

AWR introduced iMatch, which is an automated impedance matching module that works seamlessly with Microwave Office (MWO) software. The iMatch impedance matching wizard quickly and easily takes RF engineers through the process of evaluating different matching topologies and selecting the optimal solution based upon certain, user-specified requirements. The iMatch impedance matching module enables designers to quickly compare different matching topologies and choose among the best solution based upon user-specified requirements. iMatch is a submodule of iFilter. iMatch is available now.

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AWR Microwave Office 2010 for Microwave Design

AWR introduced 2010 Microwave Office (MWO) design suite for microwave design. The latest release increases productivity for high-frequency monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), MIC, RF printed circuit board (PCB) and module designers. New features include support for nonlinear behavioral modeling, improved speed in AWR’s multi-rate harmonic balance (MRHB) technology for the design of complex circuits, iFilter synthesis for lumped and distributed filters, and AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro for import of Cadence PCB layouts into MWO for further analysis and electromagnetic simulation.

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