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Verisurf X7 Features Enhanced Output Options, SPC Analysis and AS9102 Reporting

Verisurf X7 software

Verisurf launched the latest version of their Verisurf X software. Verisurf X7 features Model-Based GD&T Inspection technology at its core. The all-new computer-aided inspection, reverse engineering and assembly guidance software now supports more options for reporting and presenting data, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe 3D PDF Viewer.

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PragmaDev Expects UML Modeling Usage to Decrease Again

PragmaDev UML modeling survey

PragmaDev released the results of their recent UML survey. According to their research, UML modeling technology usage is expected to decrease for the third year in a row. However, the effective usage of UML has been slightly growing from 65% in 2011, to 70% in 2012, up to 71% this year. These two trends mostly indicate UML has reached peaked and is about to start its decline.

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Synopsys Rolls Out Version 12.06 of Virtualizer Tool Set

Synopsys Virtualizer tool set

Synopsys released version 12.06 of their Virtualizer tool set for creating virtual prototypes and Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) for accelerating embedded software development. Virtualizer 12.06 release makes it easier for design teams to create virtual prototypes and deploy them to software engineers in VDKs. The new Virtualizer 12.06 release is available now.

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Atego Rolls Out Artisan Studio v7.4 Model-driven Development Tool

Artisan Studiov 7.4 model-driven development tool

Atego introduced version 7.4 of Artisan Studio model-driven development tool. Artisan Studio 7.4 features systems simulation and enhanced functionality for mission- and safety-critical systems and software development. Its simulation significantly improves communication between systems engineering and all stakeholders for verifying system designs.

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PragmaDev Releases Version 4.3 of Real Time Developer Studio

PragmaDev Real Time Developer Studio, version 4.3

PragmaDev rolled out version 4.3 of the Real Time Developer Studio. RTDS v4.3 includes 15 new features. According to PragmaDev, RTDS is the most complete model driven development and testing tool dedicated to real time and embedded applications. PragmaDev RTDS offers three levels of modeling and testing: informal, semi-formal, and fully formal.

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OCP-IP Announces Version 2_2x2_2 of the OCP Modeling Kit

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) released the latest version of the OCP Modeling Kit. Version 2_2x2_2 of the kit features greater robustness of data in payload event queues, a modification of thread-busy signaling API, added support for interrupts, sideband error signaling, sideband user flags, added TLM2-native adapters between TL3 and TL1, and added TLM2-native adapters between TL1 and RTL signals (TL0).

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ScanWorks Component Action Model-based Test Methodology

ASSET InterTech announced Component Action, which is a new model-based test methodology for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments. ScanWorks Component Action extends non-intrusive boundary-scan (JTAG) test coverage to devices that previously could not be tested or programmed with boundary scan. The Component Action models will be available in November as a capability of the ScanWorks platform. Pricing for ScanWorks starts at $5,995.

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VHDL-AMS Modeling Techniques Workshop

Dolphin Integration is offering a VHDL-AMS modeling training workshop in April. The VHDL-AMS Modeling training event will present the language constructs of either Verilog-AMS or VHDL-AMS. It covers techniques for creating and validating behavioral models. Designers will learn how to perform bottom-up modeling through structural assembly of behavioral models for multi-level simulations. The seminar is ideal for designers involved in mixed-signal electrical designs and/or analog behavioral modeling and simulation.

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Docea Power Aceplorer v2.2 for Modeling Power Consumption

Docea Power rolled out version 2.2 of their Aceplorer software for modeling and optimizing electronic design power consumption, early in the design cycle, at the architectural level. Aceplorer v2.2 features a library of generic blocks that can be used as a starting point for creating libraries of components including Intellectual Property (IP)-based power description models.

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TLM-2.0 Kit for AMBA – Modeling AMBA Protocols in SystemC TLM-2.0

Carbon Design Systems announced a TLM-2.0 solution for the AMBA protocol. The solution enables modeling the AMBA protocols with SystemC TLM2-0. The TLM-2.0 for the AMBA protocol solution will execute in any SystemC environment and contains no runtime licensing. Engineers can create models representing AMBA intellectual property (IP) blocks at any level of abstraction. The TLM-2.0 for the AMBA protocol solution is available for free from Carbon’s IP Exchange.

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