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Wind River Aerospace and Defense Regional Conferences

Wind River will hold a series of aerospace and defense regional conferences. The mil-aero conference series feature education tracks, safety and security solutions, keynotes from industry experts, and demonstrations of safe and secure platforms. The first Advancements for 21st Century Warfare: Safe and Secure Intelligent Systems Conference will take place on April 21 in Dallas, Texas.

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GE AXISLib-AVX DSP and Math Libraries

AXISLib-AVX, from GE Intelligent Platforms, is a set of DSP and math libraries. AXISLib-AVX is a VSIPL Core 1.0 library with over 600 high performance digital signal processing and vector mathematical functions. It is ideal for real-time embedded signal processing applications like ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). AXISLib-AVX can operate in a standalone mode or as an integral software module within the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrates Software environment.

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