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Agilent ADS 2012 Software Improves Design Efficiency and Productivity

Agilent Technologies Advanced Design System (ADS) 2012

Agilent Technologies recently launched the latest version of their Advanced Design System (ADS). ADS 2012 features new user interface enhancements designed to improve design efficiency and productivity. For example, dockable windows enable designers to quickly access frequently used dialog boxes, such as component information and layer visibility in layout. ADS electronic design automation software is ideal for RF, microwave and high-speed digital applications.

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AWR Design Forum 2012 to Take Place in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

AWR Design Forums (ADF) 2012 will take place in Japan (Friday, July 6th), Korea (Tuesday, July 10th), and Taiwan (Thursday, July 12th). The event is ideal for designers of microwave and RF circuits and systems such as monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), RF printed circuit board (RF PCB) and LTE communication systems. Attendees will learn about AWR latest products and technologies. They can also network and collaborate with each other on industry issues and trends.

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LNA Design and Characterization Webinar

AWR and Rohde & Schwarz will host a webinar about low noise amplifier (LNA). The webcast is titled, LNA Design and Characterization Using Modern RF/Microwave Software and Test & Measurement Instruments. The online seminar will feature live video segments demonstrating the use of test instruments performing measurements on a prototype low noise amplifier (LNA). Microwave Office will be used to demonstrate useful practices in the virtual prototyping stage. An actual LNA will be measured using a ZVA (Rohde & Schwarz’s Vector Network Analyzer). The event will take place Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 9 am PST.

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AWR Microwave Office 2010 for Microwave Design

AWR introduced 2010 Microwave Office (MWO) design suite for microwave design. The latest release increases productivity for high-frequency monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), MIC, RF printed circuit board (PCB) and module designers. New features include support for nonlinear behavioral modeling, improved speed in AWR’s multi-rate harmonic balance (MRHB) technology for the design of complex circuits, iFilter synthesis for lumped and distributed filters, and AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro for import of Cadence PCB layouts into MWO for further analysis and electromagnetic simulation.

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PHD and Nonlinear Behavioral Models White Paper

AWR Corporation published a new white paper, entitled X-parameters and Beyond, AWR’s Support of PHD and Nonlinear Behavioral Models. The white paper provides comprehensive information about rapidly-emerging nonlinear models and measurement systems and how AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software effectively employs them.

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