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2010 AdvancedTCA / MicroTCA Summit Issues Call for Presentations

The AdvancedTCA/MicroTCA Summit is seeking presentations. The event provides information on the current state of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA, the emerging standard platforms for a wide range of embedded applications. The AdvancedTCA/MicroTCA Summit consists of tutorials, panel discussions, keynotes, paper sessions, workshops, and roundtables. The conference is open to everyone involved in the design, development, integration, marketing, use, or support of telecommunications equipment, or related hardware, software, or services.

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CP-TA Self-Testing Program for AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, AMC Interoperability

The Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA) introduced a self-testing program for the interoperability of xTCA (AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, AMC) building blocks. Companies can now utilize the interoperability criteria, test procedures, and test tools developed by CP-TA and its members to perform self-testing in order to verify xTCA product interoperability. CP-TA empowers the xTCA ecosystem by providing standardized, proven guidance, and tools to lower integration costs without the added expense of a formal third party certification program.

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