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eXtremeDB Data Relay Technology

Data Relay, from McObject, is a technology for fast and flexible data-sharing between real-time applications based on eXtremeDB, and external systems such as an enterprise DBMS. Data Relay simplifies the code that “looks inside” database transactions for changes that should be relayed. It also improves efficiency by eliminating the CPU-intensive task of monitoring database activity. eXtremeDB Data Relay is available now in all versions of McObject’s eXtremeDB Transaction Logging edition.

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Distinguishing Between Real and Imitation In-Memory Database Systems

McObject recently published a white paper, “Will the Real IMDS Please Stand Up?” The technical explains how to tell the difference between real and imitation in-memory database systems, and explains why it matters. The free report helps developers determine if they will obtain the IMDS benefits of fast performance and superior database efficiency from specific vendors and products often described as (or purporting to be) in memory database systems.

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