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PragmaDev Expects UML Modeling Usage to Decrease Again

PragmaDev UML modeling survey

PragmaDev released the results of their recent UML survey. According to their research, UML modeling technology usage is expected to decrease for the third year in a row. However, the effective usage of UML has been slightly growing from 65% in 2011, to 70% in 2012, up to 71% this year. These two trends mostly indicate UML has reached peaked and is about to start its decline.

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Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ Supports MATLAB and ARM Platforms

Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ tool ~ Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics released a new version of the Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ tool. The newest enhancements to the Sourcery VSIPL++ product incorporates OMG’s VSIPL++ specification standard. VSIPL++ is an important step forward for interoperable, portable, reusable applications in the high-performance computing space. The tool is ideal for developers working on compute-intensive applications.

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MathWorks Phased Array System Toolbox

MathWorks introduced Phased Array System Toolbox, which enables radar and acoustics engineers to build monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic architectures for a variety of array geometries. The MathWorks tool also gives engineers the ability to model these architectures on stationary or moving platforms. Array analysis and visualization tools enable the evaluation of spatial, spectral, and temporal performance. Phased Array System Toolbox is available now. Prices start at $1,350 (USD).

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MathWorks MATLAB Tour 2011

MathWorks is offering a series of one-day events focusing on MATLAB and Simulink. The MATLAB Tour features presentations and technical sessions. The events will highlight how technical computing and Model-Based Design are driving innovation in engineering and science. MATLAB Tour 2011 will present the new features and benefits of the latest product releases, including R2011b. The events will take place September 26 to November 17th in cities around the world.

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MathWorks MATLAB Coder

MathWorks recently introduced MATLAB Coder, which generates standalone C and C++ code from MATLAB code. The generated source code is portable and readable. MATLAB Coder eliminates the need to manually translate MATLAB algorithm code into C and C++ code for prototyping, implementation, and software integration. MATLAB Coder supports a subset of MATLAB language features for algorithm development, including built-in matrix math operators and dynamic array handling. MATLAB Coder is available now. List prices start at $6,500 (USD).

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MathWorks MATLAB Virtual Conference

MathWorks announced their MATLAB Virtual Conference. The online event will take place Tuesday, September 28, 2010. The MATLAB Virtual Conference features presentations (with live question-and-answer sessions), on-demand presentations, an exhibit floor, content resource library and a networking lounge. The free virtual event will demonstrate how engineers and scientists can get the most benefit from working with MATLAB and Simulink. MATLAB and Simulink users worldwide will be able to chat with MathWorks staff and the user community during their local business hours.

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MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink Release 2010B

MathWorks introduced Release 2010b (R2010b) of their MATLAB and Simulink product families. New features include new communications system design capabilities in MATLAB, automated PID controls tuning, GigE Vision hardware standard support, SimRF system-level modeling of RF receiver architectures, and enhanced Simulink and Stateflow support for creating reusable models. Release 2010b updates 84 MathWorks products, including Polyspace code verification products. The new release is available immediately and is being provided to users with current subscriptions to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service.

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MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference

MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference consists of presentations (with live question-and-answer sessions), on-demand presentations, an exhibit floor, and a networking lounge. The event will showcase real-world teaching examples from academics using MATLAB and Simulink to inspire learning and advance education in engineering, science, and mathematics. MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference will take place at 12:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.

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Geensoft AUTOSAR Re-targeting Tool for AUTOSAR Builder Tool Suite

Geensoft introduced the AUTOSAR Re-targeting Tool (ART) module for the AUTOSAR Builder tool suite for the development of AUTOSAR-compliant automotive embedded systems. The ART module offers automatic generation of AUTOSAR-compliant C code that is ready to be embedded on target ECUs, from both new and legacy MATLAB/Simulink models using RTW.

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