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XJTAG Introduces XJQuad Four-port JTAG Adaptor

XJTAG introduced their XJQuad multiport JTAG testing solution. XJQuad is a cost-effective four-port JTAG adaptor targeted at manufacturers. It uses a single USB 2.0 port on a PC to provide high speed JTAG access and can simultaneous test four circuit boards, each of which can be provided with up to four JTAG Test Access Ports. XJQuad enables engineers to test boards together in batches, or to run the four ports independently. XJQuad is ideal for connection testing, in-system programming, non-JTAG device testing, and serial number handling.

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On-Ramp Technical Sessions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Avnet Electronics Marketing introduced the first of three technical training sessions for medical device manufacturers featuring design solutions from Analog Devices. The first training features two On-Ramp Technical Sessions that showcase the benefits of utilizing Analog Devices’ signal processing ICs for diagnosis level electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement equipment and pulse oximetry design applications.

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