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Magma Reference Flow for Common Platform 32/28nm Low-Power Process

Magma Design Automation introduced a hierarchical reference flow for the Common Platform alliance’s 32/28-nanometer (nm) low-power process technology. The RTL-to-GDSII reference flow enables designers to reduce power, turnaround time and cost per die. The RTL-to-GDSII reference flow features the Talus IC implementation system’s power optimization and management capabilities, the latest ARM Artisan 32/28-nm LP process libraries and the Common Platform alliance’s 32/28-nm process technology.

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Magma, Virage Logic Reference Flow for GLOBAL FOUNDRIES 65nm Process

Magma Design Automation, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and Virage Logic introduced a Unified Power Format (UPF)-compliant RTL-to-GDSII reference flow. The automated, comprehensive solution streamlines the design and manufacture of ICs that use Virage Logic’s intellectual property (IP) and are manufactured in GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 65LPe 65-nanometer (nm) low-power process technology. The reference flow is available from Magma, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Virage Logic upon request.

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