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SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro Supports Agilent, Tektronix Test Equipments

SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro tool

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new version of their WaveFormer Pro tool. WaveFormer Pro is a tool for analyzing timing diagrams and translating digital and analog waveforms between simulators and test equipment. The latest version of the tool supports importing and exporting digital and analog waveforms to the latest Agilent and Tektronix logic analyzers and mixed-signal oscilloscopes.

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Tektronix TLA6000 Series Logic Analyzers

Tektronix introduced the the TLA6000 Series logic analyzers. The TLA6000 offers high-end debug and analysis for embedded systems designers. The TLA6000 logic analyzers are available in 68, 102, and 136 digital channel configurations with 125 ps high speed timing on all channels, up to 450 MHz state timing and up to 128 Mb record length. The new logic analyzer is now available globally. The TLA6000 Series has a base system configuration price of $19,800 U.S. MSRP. The TLA6000 Series is ideal for debug and analysis applications — including signal integrity analysis, FPGA debug and verification, MIPI protocol analysis, memory system validation, and embedded software integration and debug.

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