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USB 3.0 Performance Validation Webinar

Evatronix and LeCroy will host a joint USB 3.0 webinar. The online seminar will explain step by step how the different hardware and software layers affect the data transfer speed while providing actual measures. The webinar will present the important issues engineers will face when designing their systems. The USB 3.0 Performance Validation webcast will take place on March 3rd, 2011 at 14.30 CET. The event will also be repeated on March 16th, 2011 at the same time.

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LeCroy SimPASS PE Simulation Design Verification Tool for PCI Express

LeCroy introduced SimPASS PE simulation design verification tool for PCI Express 3.0 protocol testing. LeCroy’s SimPASS PE provides designers with a new way to observe and analyze PCI Express-based I/O traffic. SimPASS is ideal for the pre-silicon simulation and design verification phases of development. SimPASS is based on the existing LeCroy graphical user interface for display and analysis of data traffic, and extends the data traffic analysis capabilities commonly used for post silicon testing to the simulation environment. SimPASS for PCI Express is now available.

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