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Microchip Technology Introduces Parallel SuperFlash Development Kit

Microchip Technology Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1

Microchip Technology introduced the Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1. The development kit features two Parallel Flash PICtail Plus daughter boards, one with a 64 Mbit device (the SST38VF6401) from the Advanced MPF+ family, and one with a 16 Mbit device (the SST39VF1601C) from the MPF+ family. The Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1 (part #AC243006-1 is available now for $30.

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Avnet Announces CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter Development Kit

Avnet CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas announced the CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter. The Pmod compatible CC3000-based Wi-Fi adapter development kit features a built-in internet protocol stack. It is designed to attach to Avnet FPGA development boards and other host boards with a Pmod interface connector. The fully integrated and pre-certified Wi-Fi adapter is priced at $59.

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OCP-IP Announces Version 2_2x2_2 of the OCP Modeling Kit

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) released the latest version of the OCP Modeling Kit. Version 2_2x2_2 of the kit features greater robustness of data in payload event queues, a modification of thread-busy signaling API, added support for interrupts, sideband error signaling, sideband user flags, added TLM2-native adapters between TL3 and TL1, and added TLM2-native adapters between TL1 and RTL signals (TL0).

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XMOS and Attero Tech Ethernet AVB End-Point Reference Design

XMOS and Attero Tech introduced a reference design for audio/visual bridging (AVB) applications. The reference design features the XCore XS1-L2 dual-core processor. XCore processors enables engineers to implement the AVB standard entirely in software, which reduces development times and decreases risk for A/V designs. XCore processors also reduce the cost for AVB endpoints by more than 50% compared to other solutions (such as FPGA implementations). The reference design will be generally available from both XMOS and Attero Tech in December.

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Microchip Development Platforms for iPod and iPhone

Microchip Technology introduced three development kits for the rapid design of accessories for iPod and iPhone using Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers. The kits provide examples of the hardware and software required to implement applications, such as digital-audio sound systems, docking stations and a multitude of new accessories that can leverage the infrastructure for iPod and iPhone.

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Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko Development Kit

Energy Micro introduced a development kit for their EFM32 Gecko MCU family. The EFM32 Gecko Development Kit is an Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system for engineers. Thanks to a large in-built LCD screen and preconfigured GUI, AEM enables developers to accurately view a prototype application’s current consumption data in real time, enabling early identification and removal of adverse energy drains. The EFM32 Gecko development kit is priced at $299 USD.

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IAR KickStart Kit for NXP LPC1114 Microcontroller

IAR Systems introduced the IAR KickStart kit for NXP LPC1114. The IAR KickStart Kit includes a development board fitted with the LPC1114 microcontroller, an 8K KickStart edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and a 20-state evaluation edition of IAR visualSTATE. IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114 is priced at $139 (€ 100). According to IAR Systems, this might be the world’s first commercial starter kit for ARM Cortex-M0-based microcontrollers.

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ZeroG Wireless TWR-ZGWIFI Development Kit for Freescale Tower System

ZeroG Wireless introduced the TWR-ZGWIFI development kit for the Freescale Semiconductor Tower System. The TWR-ZGWIFI kit expands the connectivity capabilities of the Tower System, a development and prototyping platform from Freescale. The ZeroG Wireless embedded Wi-Fi module is optimized for applications with lower data rates, lower power consumption, and low system resource requirements. The kit simplifies system design.

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Arriba for Android Porting Kit for the MIPS

MIPS Technologies introduced the Arriba for Android Porting Kit (APK) for the MIPS architecture. With the Arriba APK, OEMs can quickly tailor and optimize Android for specific platforms. The Arriba APK is available now. The Arriba APK includes the first year of development tool maintenance, along with 60 days of support from Viosoft. Viosoft’s Arriba tools support single and multi-core platforms, providing support for any MIPS-based Android target. All MIPS processors are supported, from MIPS architecture licensees’ designs to MIPS’ complete offering of licensable cores including the 1004K coherent processing system.

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