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Wind River Linux 4

Wind River launched version four of their commercial embedded Linux platform. Wind River Linux 4 is based on the Linux 2.6.34+ kernel and GCC 4.4, EGLIBC 2.11 and GDB 7 toolchains. Wind River Linux 4 supports ARM, Intel, MIPS and Power architectures. Wind River Linux 4 will also be compliant with the forthcoming Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 5.0 standards for high availability and serviceability and Linux Standard Base (LSB) 4.0 certification requirements for application portability. Wind River Linux 4 will be available worldwide later this month.

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Macraigor On-Chip Debug Technology Supports Intel Atom Processor

Macraigor Systems’ On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon) now supports the Intel Atom x86 processor. Macraigor’s JTAG interface devices are immediately available for use with the Intel Atom based designs as well as other Intel family devices including the XScale family of processors. OCDemon for the Intel Atom is available immediately starting at $250 USD. The port of the GNU Tools Suite and Eclipse Ganymede/Galileo platform is being offered at no charge.

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