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Corelis Rolls Out Boundary-Scan Tool Suite v7.8

Corelis released a new version of their ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. Version 7.8 of the tool features improved cluster testing support, intelligent BSDL file handling, and a new model-based test coverage. The new version also expands JTAG Embedded Test (JET) support to Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara processors. Current Corelis customers that have a valid maintenance contract can now access the new version 7.8 CD through the Corelis support website.

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Corelis ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite CD Version 7.6

Corelis rolled out version 7.6 of their ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. The new Version 7.6 CD is the first test tool to include JTAG embedded test (JET) support for AMD Family 10 processors. As a result, ScanExpress v7.6 can perform processor emulation-based testing on AMD ASB2 (BGA), Opteron 4100, and Quad-Core Opteron CPUs. The new Version 7.6 CD is available now.

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Corelis Runner-Lite JTAG Test Executive

Corelis introduced Runner-Lite, which is a free software test executive for performing boundary-scan testing, JTAG Embedded Testing (JET), and in-system device programming using pre-generated test plan files built for specific reference boards. Runner-Lite features unrestricted access to complete off-the-shelf JTAG structural and functional test solutions for many silicon vendor reference designs. The tool enables engineers to familiarize themselves with Corelis test capabilities and can be use as a test bench for reference board based designs.

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