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STMicroelectronics Introduces STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit

STMicroelectronics STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit

STMicroelectronics introduced the STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit. The STM3220G-JAVA kit is a complete platform for evaluating the development of embedded applications in Java for the STM32 F2 series microcontrollers. The new Java tool includes an evaluation version of IS2T’s MicroEJ Software Development Kit (SDK) and the STM32F2 series microcontroller evaluation board providing everything engineers need to start their projects. The STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit is available now. It is priced at $349.

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IS2T MicroEJ-LPC2478MT Multi-Touch Starter Kit

The IS2T MicroEJ-LPC2478MT Multi-Touch Starter Kit features multi-touch Java support. The multi-touch starter kit is based on the Embedded Artists LPC2478 development kit and features multi-touch technology by Stantum. The kit is an Eclipse-based Java environment for the evaluation of both single- and multi-touch embedded systems.

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