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Rohde & Schwarz Introduces R&S ESR EMI Test Receiver

R&S ESR EMI test receiver ~ Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz announced their new R&S ESR EMI test receiver. The instrument measures conducted and radiated disturbances with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 7 GHz. It is compliant with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard. The R&S ESR test receiver can take EMI measurements up to 6000 times faster than other solutions. The R&S ESR makes it easy to perform acceptance testing (conducted or radiated) in line with EN/CISPR/FCC on modules, assemblies, household appliances, IT equipment, TVs, and radios. It is also ideal for acceptance testing of mobile applications, and vehicles and accessories.

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Pentek RTS 2711 Real-Time Data Recording Instrument

The Pentek RTS 2711 Real-Time Data Recording Instrument is a PC-based recorder. It includes a complete PC workstation running Windows XP, housed in a rack-mount 4U chassis. The Pentek RTS 2711 offers simultaneous digitizing and recording of two signals at sampling rates of 500 Megasamples/sec. The price of the RTS 2711 starts at $58,995 USD. It is ideal for development and field testing in a broad range of wideband signal applications including UAVs, telemetry, communication and radar.

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Data Translation DT8837 Ethernet Data Acquisition Instrument Module

Data Translation introduced the DT8837 high performance Ethernet (LXI) data acquisition instrument module for sound and vibration measurement applications. The DT8837 samples up to four 24-bit IEPE accelerometer input channels independently at up to 52.7kHz per channel or 210kHz total throughput. In addition, the DT8837 offers a 24-bit stimulus output, and a 31-bit synchronized tachometer channel for data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use. The DT8837 is priced at $3995 and ships 6-8 weeks ARO.

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