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Vishay 3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters Webinar

There’s a 3DTV webinar, 3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters, on the Vishay Intertechnology’s website. The webcast explains how infrared receivers work in 3DTV active shutter glasses. Infrared receivers are used in 3DTV glasses where they receive a synchronization signal from the 3D television set and open and close LCD shutters in each lens of the glasses to create the stereoscopic 3DTV effect.

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ZigBee Remote Control

The ZigBee Alliance introduced the ZigBee Remote Control, which is the new global standard for advanced RF remote controls. ZigBee Remote Control features non-line-of-sight operation, two-way communication, longer range of use and extended battery life for a variety of consumer electronic (CE) devices including HDTV, home theater equipment, set-top boxes, and other audio equipment. ZigBee Remote Control is the first public application profile designed specifically for use with the ZigBee RF4CE specification.

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