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Synthesizing and Optimizing a Hairpin Bandpass Filter with AWR Tools App Note

AWR published a new application note about the synthesis and design of complex filters. The app note uses a hairpin bandpass filter to illustrate how AWR’s iFilter synthesis software in conjunction with Microwave Office high-frequency design software and AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) solver can help designers create filters that conform to specific manufacturing constraints and costs. The title of the paper is Synthesizing and Optimizing a Hairpin Bandpass Filter with AWR Tools.

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AWR iMatch Automated Impedance Matching Module

AWR introduced iMatch, which is an automated impedance matching module that works seamlessly with Microwave Office (MWO) software. The iMatch impedance matching wizard quickly and easily takes RF engineers through the process of evaluating different matching topologies and selecting the optimal solution based upon certain, user-specified requirements. The iMatch impedance matching module enables designers to quickly compare different matching topologies and choose among the best solution based upon user-specified requirements. iMatch is a submodule of iFilter. iMatch is available now.

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AWR iFilter for Synthesis of Lumped-Element and Distributed Filters

AWR introduced their iFilter technology for synthesis of lumped-element and distributed filters. The module plugs directly into the Microwave Office design environment and is integrated as a wizard within the AWR Design Environment (AWRDE). iFilter is an optional module for Microwave Office software and is available for either lumped-element filter only or for distributed and lumped-element filter synthesis with the 2010 release of AWR Design Environment.

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