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iDigi Telehealth Application Kit Connects Medical Devices to the Cloud

The iDigi Telehealth Application Kit, from Digi International, is a development kit that helps developers create cloud-connected medical devices. The kit makes it easy to create cloud-connected medical devices to improve quality of care. Through the iDigi Device Cloud, doctor’s can easily access and analyze patient data, set up alarms and alerts and store information. The iDigi Telehealth Application Kit will be available in January 2012 for $499.

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iDigi Gateway Development Kit for 3G Cellular Connectivity

Digi International announced the iDigi Gateway Development Kit with 3G cellular connectivity. The iDigi Gateway Development Kit is designed to make it easy to setup a ZigBee network, upload a custom iDigi Device Integration Application (iDigi Dia) and provide seamless connectivity to the iDigi Device Cloud for Web services integration to standard business applications over the Internet. Kits are available now. Prices start at $499.

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