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Memristors Capable of Logic Functions

HP Labs researchers have discovered that the memristor is capable of performing logic functions. As a result, it may be possible in the future to have computations performed in chips where data is stored instead of on a specialized central processing unit. A memristor is a resistor with memory that represents the fourth basic circuit element in electrical engineering.

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Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies

Leti research center is hosting a workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC during Minatec Crossroads ’10 events on Monday, June 21. The workshop will explore the latest achievements in semiconductor memory technologies. Topics will range from short-term to long-term memory solutions. The workshop is part of the 3rd Minatec Crossroads ’10 June 21-25. Leti, a CEA laboratory located in Grenoble, is one of the main European applied research centers in electronics.

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