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PHD and Nonlinear Behavioral Models White Paper

AWR Corporation published a new white paper, entitled X-parameters and Beyond, AWR’s Support of PHD and Nonlinear Behavioral Models. The white paper provides comprehensive information about rapidly-emerging nonlinear models and measurement systems and how AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software effectively employs them.

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AWR Analog Office 2009 for High Frequency Analog and RFIC Design

AWR launched Version 2009 of their Analog Office high-frequency analog and RFIC design software. Analog Office Version 2009 includes AWR’s patent-pending multi-rate harmonic balance (MRHB) technology, which increases the speed and reduces the computer memory required to perform steady-state analysis of complex multi-tone designs such as those found in receivers and transmitters with multiple stages of upconversion and downconversion.

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