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Microchip Graphics Display Designer X WYSIWYG GUI Design Tool

Microchip Graphics Display Designer X ~ GDD X design tool

Microchip Technology announced their Graphics Display Designer X. GDD X is an enhanced visual design tool that provides a quick and easy way of creating Graphical User Interface (GUI) screens for applications using Microchip’s 16-or 32-bit PIC MCUs. Microchip Graphics Display Designer X gives developers the freedom to work in the environment of their choice, such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS operating systems. The GDD X is available now for download.

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Breker Verification Systems Debuts New Graphical User Interface for TrekSoC

Breker Verification Systems TrekSoC

Breker Verification Systems introduced an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) for TrekSoC. The software automatically generates self-verifying and synchronized C test cases to run on an SoC’s multiple heterogeneous embedded processors for faster and more thorough verification. TrekBox comes standard with TrekSoC and is available now.

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Express Logic PrismX for the STM32 Processors

Express Logic’s PrismX GUI software development solution now supports the STMicroelectronics STM32 processor family. PrismX is a ThreadX RTOS-integrated port of Blue Water Embedded’s Prism technology. It is ideal for resource-constrained devices such as STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3-based STM32. PrismX features a high-performance graphical drawing library and a GUI widget set for the STM32 platform. PrismX for the STM32F10C is available in full source code form, royalty free. License prices start at $9,500.

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Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.8

Wind River rolled out Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.8 for the development and deployment of rich graphical user interfaces for embedded devices. The latest version supports Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) 3D that enables highly customizable and rapid development of high-end GUIs to create improved end-user experiences across a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems, particularly in the aerospace and defense, industrial, and medical market segments.

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Amulet GEMstudio GUI Development Environment

Amulet Technologies introduced GEMstudio drag-and-drop GUI development environment for creating color touchscreen human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) for embedded systems. GEMstudio integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. GEMstudio is a true WYSIWYG GUI design tool that requires no coding for the GUI design. GEMstudio can compile the entire GUI and program it directly into flash memory on the target device. GEMstudio is available now for $499.

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Altia Design 9.0 User Interface Design Tool

Altia Design 9.0 user interface design tool offers a way to deliver better HMIs without hand-coding or pulling in other tools. The latest Altia offering balances enhanced productivity with increased capability. Altia Design 9.0′s new features will offer development teams the capability to create stunning user interfaces. Altia Design helps development teams create, test and validate HMIs to get user interface intensive products to market on time and under budget.

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