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Analog Devices Debuts SigmaStudio for SHARC Graphical Development Tool

Analog Devices (ADI) SigmaStudio for SHARC graphical development tool for audio applications

Analog Devices launched their SigmaStudio for SHARC graphical development tool for audio applications. The tool gives audio engineers the ability to easily program basic audio functions, and also incorporate third-party plug-ins and custom algorithms. Designers using Sigma Studio for SHARC now have the flexibility to try multiple solutions in the same time it previously took to program a single function. The ADI SigmaStudio for SHARC tool is available as a free software download. It requires a Windows PC, CrossCore Embedded Studio IDE, a supported SHARC EZ-Kit and USB adaptor cables.

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Texas Instruments Grace Graphical Peripheral Configuration Software

Texas Instruments launched their free Grace software platform for enabling and configuring MSP430 microcontroller peripherals. The TI Grace software is a visual plug-in that enables developers to interact with buttons, pull-down menus and helpful pop-ups to generate easy-to-understand C code that automatically configures the low-level register settings of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), operational amplifiers (op amps), timers, serial communication modules, clocks and other peripherals.

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QP Modeler Graphical UML Modeling Tool

QM (QP Modeler), from Quantum Leaps, is a free, graphical UML modeling tool for designing and implementing real-time embedded applications based on the QP state machine frameworks. QM provides graphical UML state machine diagram editor and generates production-quality, portable, and human-readable C or C++ code that is 100% traceable from the design. QM is designed to support fast development cycle and works with version control systems (VCS). The QM model itself is stored in XML, and is easy to maintain in a VCS.

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AdaCore GNAT Programming Studio 5.0

AdaCore launched version five of their GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE). GPS 5.0 features improved support for C and C++, more powerful source editing, simpler use, and integration of GNATstack (a static analysis tool that determines a program’s maximum stack requirements). GPS is distributed with full source code. GPS v5.0 is now available as part of the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment and the SPARK Pro and CodePeer Pro toolsets. Pricing for GNAT Pro subscriptions starts at $15,000.

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DiSTI GL Studio 4.2 Software Toolkit

DiSTI rolled out version 4.2 of their GL Studio software toolkit. The new features in GL Studio 4.2 simplify user interface development, speed up project deliveries, and improve interface performance. GL Studio 4.2 offers efficient editor improvements and dynamic rendering capabilities. GL Studio enables developers to build high-fidelity graphics and fully interactive controls into software products. With GL Studio, programmers can create reusable 2D or 3D graphical user interfaces for operating, maintaining, or replicating complex systems.

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Texas Instruments C6EZFlo Graphical Software Development Tool

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the C6EZFlo graphical software development tool. C6Flo can be used in conjunction with TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE or other DSP-based development tools. The C6Flo EZ tool enables developers to generate prototype software on TI DSPs without learning new programming languages or specific DSP architecture. The applications can be used as-is or as prototypes to accelerate conventional C-language development. The C6EZFlo graphical software development tool is available for download free.

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