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Texas Instruments Introduces Android SDK for Sitara Microprocessors

Texas Instruments Android software development kit for Sitara microprocessors

Texas Instruments introduced an Android software development kit for Sitara microprocessors. The TI SDK adds Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for embedded applications running TI’s Sitara AM335x and AM37x ARM-Cortex-A8 processors. The Android 4.0 SDK for TI’s Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 processors is available for free download today, with no development or production restrictions.

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Wind River Android Platform and Framework for Automated Software Testing

Wind River rolled out updated versions of their platform for Android and framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) for Android. Wind River Platform for Android and Wind River FAST for Android help developers deliver feature-rich Android devices to market quickly and reliably. Wind River Platform for Android features upgrade paths to future Android releases, including Google Gingerbread and Honeycomb to support a wider range of devices such as tablets. Wind River Platform for Android and Wind River FAST for Android are available now.

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Microchip Reference Implementation of Google PowerMeter API

Microchip Technology and Google teamed on a reference implementation of the Google PowerMeter API for embedded developers. Embedded designers can use the reference implementation to create products for the measurement and monitoring of energy usage with Microchip’s 16- and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, energy-measurement ICs, Ethernet controllers, and radios for ZigBee and embedded Wi-Fi wireless networking.

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Trusted Logic Integrates Trusted NFC with Google Android OS

Trusted Logic has added new features to their Trusted NFC software platform. Major enhancements in security and application framework are specifically designed for the Google Android operating system. Trusted NFC is a complete software platform enabling mobile phone applications to use Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity. It provides simple interfaces for developing applications for the various application frameworks of the mobile Operating Systems.

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AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP Voice Engines for Google Android

Adaptive Digital Technologies introduced the AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP voice engine software for Google Android software stack for mobile devices. The fielded algorithms are provided as off-the-shelf algorithm sets, integration-ready for quick inclusion into an Android application. The VoIP voice engine components, anVoip, and anVoice are packaged to supply either basic or enhanced voice capability to the Android-powered device. Algorithms may be added a-la-carte per a customer’s requirements. Custom application development by Adaptive Digital is also available.

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MobiForms 5.0 Supports Google Android Smartphones

MobiForms 5.0 mobile development tool now supports Google Android smartphones. MobiForms is the first rapid application development tool in the world specifically designed for Google Android. Up until now developing for Android required in depth professional programming skills with mandatory learning of Java, the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit). MobiForms replaces all of these tools with one simple, intuitive, drag and drop interface. No Java or XML programming is required.

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