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AdaCore Unveils GNATtest Unit Test Harness Generator for Ada

AdaCore introduced the GNATtest unit test harness generator for Ada. GNATtest is included in GNAT Pro and supports all versions of Ada and all target configurations. It is based on, and replaces, the earlier AUnit technology. The AdaCore GNATtest tool helps automate the essential, but tedious and error-prone, processes for developing and managing the large number of test cases that accompany the verification of large software systems.

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Variety MX for Embedded Memories Statistical Timing Model Generator

Variety MX, from Altos Design Automation, is a fast and accurate statistical timing model generator for embedded memories. Variety MX generates instance-specific Liberty models for use by Cadence’s Encounter Timing System GXL, Extreme DA’s Goldtimetm, and Synopsys PrimeTime VX. Variety MX is able to characterize memory sizes that cannot be adequately simulated using brute Monte Carlo methods or even with fast sampling techniques. Variety MX is available now.

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