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Unicoi Systems Fusion Voice Engine for Radio over IP

Unicoi Systems introduced Fusion Voice Engine for Radio over IP (RoIP) applications. The Fusion Voice Engine features a set of algorithms and codecs designed for digital voice applications. Standard features of the Fusion Voice Engine include narrowband voice codecs, acoustic and line echo cancellation software, a dynamic jitter buffer, voice prompt support, call progress tone generation, and a packet loss compensation module. New RoIP features include an improved tone generator for interfacing to tone-control radios, SF mode tone detectors and notch filters, low-level analog and digital signal diagnostics and control, and Push-To-Talk (PTT) control of RTP streams.

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Unicoi Systems Fusion SIP 5.1

Unicoi Systems (Unicoi) introduced version 5.1 Fusion SIP tool for embedded systems developers. The latest version of the tool offers support for secure VoIP telephony and intercommunications equipment. Fusion SIP v5.1 provides updated support for NAT Traversal (RFC 3581) and Session Timers (RFC 4028).

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