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Mentor Graphics Offers JESD51-14 Compliant Thermal Characterization Solution

Mentor Graphics introduced an integrated solution for thermal characterization and simulation. The integrated solution features their T3Ster hardware test products with their FloTHERM software. The Mentor Graphics integrated T3Ster and FloTHERM solution helps accurate thermal simulation models. The thermal characterization solution is the only JESD51-14 compliant solution available on the market today. The integrated solution for efficient thermal package characterization is available now.

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Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 9 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

Mentor Graphics introduced version nine of their FloTHERM 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for electronics cooling applications. FloTHERM v.9 features Bottleneck (Bn) and Shortcut (Sc) fields that help engineers identify where heat flow congestion occurs in the electronic design and why. It also identifies thermal shortcuts to quickly and efficiently resolve the design problem. Bn and the Sc fields elevate the use of simulation from an observation tool to a thermal design problem-solving tool. The FloTHERM v.9 product is available now.

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