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ISaGRAF Introduces New Firmware Development Kit for ISaGRAF 6

ISaGRAF introduced version 5.3 of the firmware development kit (PRDK) for ISaGRAF 6, which is a IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products. The ISaGRAF PRDK v5.3 features portable C source code for the ISaGRAF firmware and detailed examples and documentation so that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and integrators can port and compile the ISaGRAF firmware for their controller or automation product. Once they have customized the C source code, the OEM or integrator then compiles and loads it onto their automation product.

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VeriSilicon ZSP Models for Carbon SoC Designer Virtual Platform

Carbon Design Systems and VeriSilicon have integrated VeriSilicon’s ZSP models into the Carbon SoC Designer virtual platform. VeriSilicon processors enable users to perform implementation-accurate architectural analysis and pre-silicon firmware development. The VeriSilicon ZSP integration is available now from Carbon Design Systems.

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