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ZeBu Hardware Assisted Verification Platforms Support TLM-2.0

Through a TLM-2.0 transactor adapter, EVE’s ZeBu fast emulation platforms now support the Transaction-Level Modeling Standard (TLM)-2.0, the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) interface standard for SystemC model interoperability and reuse. TLM-2.0 support gives software developers and hardware verification teams an interoperable way to map their SoC development environments to EVE’s emulators. It ties both ESL virtual platforms and simulation environments more closely to ZeBu and to each other, providing a standards-based methodology to reuse components for software development, hardware verification and hardware/software co-verification.

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Webinar: Synthesizable Models Enable Early Emulation and Rapid Prototyping

Bluespec is offering a webinar titled, Synthesizable Models Enable Early Emulation and Rapid Prototyping. The webcast will take place Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM EDT / 18:00 GMT). The webinar will be presented by Rishiyur S. Nikhil, co-founder and CTO of Bluespec, Inc.

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EVE Adds Multi-User Capability to ZeBu-Server

ZeBu-Server, from EVE (Emulation & Verification Engineering), now offers superior multi-user capabilities that can support up to 25 users concurrently. Each ZeBu-Server user or design can utilize any of the available resources, and allocation of the emulation resources is completely automatic. Each user can have a dedicated host PC with its own PCIe interface for maximum bandwidth and PC computing power. The multi-user capability enables engineers to fully utilize hardware-assisted verification throughout the project cycle.

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