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Synopsys Rolls Out Version 12.06 of Virtualizer Tool Set

Synopsys Virtualizer tool set

Synopsys released version 12.06 of their Virtualizer tool set for creating virtual prototypes and Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) for accelerating embedded software development. Virtualizer 12.06 release makes it easier for design teams to create virtual prototypes and deploy them to software engineers in VDKs. The new Virtualizer 12.06 release is available now.

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Mentor Graphics Unified Embedded Software Debugging Platform

Mentor Graphics introduced their unified embedded software debugging platform. The common platform enables embedded software developers to access technology data from hardware design tools without leaving their native embedded software environment. The platform integrates Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench embedded software development tools with Mentor’s electronic system level, verification, and hardware emulation products.

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AdaCore GNATemulator Tool for Embedded Software Testing

AdaCore launched GNATemulator emulator solution for testing embedded software applications. GNATemulator enables software developers to compile code directly for their target architecture and run it on their host platform. The tool translates the target object code to native instructions on the host. GNATemulator is based on the QEMU technology, which is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer. The AdaCore emulator is a streamlined, low-cost alternative to time-accurate target board simulators. GNATemulator is available now.

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2011 Predictions for the Embedded Software and Tools Market

VDC Research Group (VDC) revealed their 2011 predictions for the key trends anticipated to shape the embedded software and tools industry. VDC will continue it’s coverage on the embedded software and systems market in 2011 with their Embedded Software & Tools Market Intelligence Service 2011. VDC analysts will also provide a more detailed examination of their thoughts on 2011 during the webcast Tracking the Solutions Powering the Next Generation of Embedded Systems in Q4 & Beyond.

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Freescale CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v10.0

Freescale Semiconductor introduced CodeWarrior 10.0 integrated development environment (IDE). CodeWarrior 10 IDE is based on open-source Eclipse technology. CodeWarrior is a tool suite for code development, debug and test when designing with Freescale’s extensive range of microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) solutions.

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Docea Power Aceplorer 2.0 and AcePowerModeler

Docea Power introduced Aceplorer 2.0 and AcePowerModeler. Aceplorer is a system-level power and thermal modeling tool. AcePowerModeler is a power model generator tool that closes the loop between implementation and architectural modeling by automating the creation of power models from lower level simulation and characterization data. Aceplorer 2.0 is available now. AcePowerModeler is available now for select customers, and will be released in Q4. It can be used with Aceplorer or stand alone.

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