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Migrate from eASIC Nextreme to ASIC with easicopy

eASIC introduced easicopy, which provides OEMs with a seamless path from an eASIC Nextreme or Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC to a, cell-based, easicopy ASIC. easicopy ASIC increases performance, and reduces device cost and power consumption. The easicopy ASIC migration product supports ASIC migrations from 90nm eASIC Nextreme and 45nm eASIC Nextreme-2 families to cell-based ASICs from foundries like Fujitsu Semiconductor and GLOBAL FOUNDRIES.

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eASIC eTools 8.1 Design Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 Designs

eASIC rolled out eTools 8.1 Design Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 designs. The eTools 8.1 based design flow helps designers to simply perform front-end design conversion and back-end implementation. New features and enhancements in eTools 8.1 enable designers to reduce overall design time by up to 40% while increasing design performance by up to 30% compared to the previous eTools 8.0 suite. FPGA and ASIC designers can try a 30-day evaluation of eTools 8.1 for free.

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eASIC eTools 8.0 Software Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 Designs

eASIC introduced eTools 8.0 software suite for implementing 45nm Nextreme-2 designs. The eTools 8.0 tool suite delivers a robust ASIC grade design flow with the simplicity, ease of design, and a cost point that is normally associated with FPGA design tools. By focusing on ease-of-use, and low cost of entry, eASIC is now enabling designers to make a seamless transition to adopting Nextreme-2 devices as a lower cost and lower power alternative to FPGAs and a lower NRE alternative to traditional ASICs.

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