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VHDL-AMS Modeling Techniques Workshop

Dolphin Integration is offering a VHDL-AMS modeling training workshop in April. The VHDL-AMS Modeling training event will present the language constructs of either Verilog-AMS or VHDL-AMS. It covers techniques for creating and validating behavioral models. Designers will learn how to perform bottom-up modeling through structural assembly of behavioral models for multi-level simulations. The seminar is ideal for designers involved in mixed-signal electrical designs and/or analog behavioral modeling and simulation.

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SLASH Combines SLED Schematic Editor and SMASH mixed Signal Simulator

SLASH, from Dolphin Integration, bundles the SLED schematic link editor with the SMASH mixed signal simulator. SLASH natively supports Property Specification Language (PSL) assertions to empower designers for performing Assertion-Based Verification (ABV). PSL is a language based on the Sugar language which originated at IBM Haifa. It has been IEEE standardized as PSL in 1995. It aims at specifying design properties through assertions to ensure that a circuit meets its specifications.

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Application Hardware Modeling for Development of Virtual Components

DOLPHIN Integration announced the Application Hardware Modeling (AHM) for the development of Virtual Components of Silicon IP. AHM aims at optimizing any critical function performed jointly by parts of the system, comprising some Virtual Component within a SoC, its PCB with relevant discrete components, such as Quartz, PMIC, or MEMS, along with application software.

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