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Docea Power Launches AceThermalModeler for Thermal Modeling

Docea Power introduced their AceThermalModeler (ATM) software. ATM is an easy to use tool for generating thermal models of System on Chips (SoCs), 3D ICs, Systems in Package (SiPs) or complete boards. With AceThermalModeler, system architects can perform both thermal steady state or coupled power and thermal analysis for dynamic application profiles running on different architecture configurations.

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Docea Power Aceplorer v2.2 for Modeling Power Consumption

Docea Power rolled out version 2.2 of their Aceplorer software for modeling and optimizing electronic design power consumption, early in the design cycle, at the architectural level. Aceplorer v2.2 features a library of generic blocks that can be used as a starting point for creating libraries of components including Intellectual Property (IP)-based power description models.

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