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TI TMDX5502EZDSP and TMDX5509EZDSP eZdsp Development Tools

Texas Instruments introduced the TMDX5502EZDSP and TMDX5509EZDSP development tools for C5502 and C5509A digital signal processors. The TI eZdsp development tools are credit card sized and do not require cables. The C5502 eZdsp development tool features a range of integrated peripheral devices, an XDS100v2 emulator, a complete version of CCS IDE v4 and access to chip support, optimized DSP, image and telecom library with source code. In addition to the features of the C5502 tool, the C5509A eZdsp development tool also includes a USB1.1 slave port and a microSD card slot. The TMDX5502EZDSP is available now for $89 (USD) and the TMDX5509EZDSP is priced at $99 and is also available now.

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Texas Instruments C6EZFlo Graphical Software Development Tool

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the C6EZFlo graphical software development tool. C6Flo can be used in conjunction with TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE or other DSP-based development tools. The C6Flo EZ tool enables developers to generate prototype software on TI DSPs without learning new programming languages or specific DSP architecture. The applications can be used as-is or as prototypes to accelerate conventional C-language development. The C6EZFlo graphical software development tool is available for download free.

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VSIDE Integrated Development Environment for VSDSP DSP Family

VLSI Solution introduced the VSIDE integrated development environment for the V16/40-bit VSDSP digital signal processor family. VSIDE offers a complete set of development utilities, including an optimizing ANSI-C compiler, assembler, linker, and profiler. All programs are integrated into a simple-to-use, easy-to-learn package running on a PC / Windows XP or Vista platform.

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