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Webinar: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas and Texas Instruments will host a webinar about TI’s C2000 portfolio of fixed point, floating point and multi-core processors. The webcast will focus on advanced motor control techniques, digital light emitting diode (LED) control and renewable power in solar power systems. The web-based training seminar will take place March 15, 2012, at 9:30 am PDT (11:30 am CDT, 12:30 pm EDT). The title of the 60-minute webinar is: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

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Microchip Grid Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design

Microchip Technology unveiled a reference design for a fully digitally controlled Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter. The reference design connects to any standard solar panel and converts the panel’s DC output into AC power, which can then be fed into the public power grid. In a real-world application, multiple units can be connected together to achieve the desired power output. The free reference design includes complete documentation, software, schematics and application note.

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