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Coverity Launches Development Testing Platform v6.5

Coverity launched version 6.5 of their Development Testing Platform, which is an integrated suite of software testing technologies for identifying and remediating critical quality and security issues during development. The latest version features Coverity Test Advisor for change impact analysis and unit testing on high risk code, including changed code and code impacted by a change, alerting developers of code not covered by unit tests. Coverity Development Testing Platform 6.5 is available now.

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Extreme Engineering Solutions Debuts CX-DP COM Express Development Platform

Extreme Engineering Solutions CX-DP COM Express Development Platform

Extreme Engineering Solutions introduced the CX-DP COM Express Development Platform for the development and rapid prototyping of COM Express and XPand6000 Series-based systems. The CX-DP includes all of the functionality of the XPand6000 series, including support for a COM Express module, a PMC or XMC, and a SSD. The X-ES CX-DP makes the transition from development to the target XPand6000 Series system or custom COM Express carrier card easy.

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Synopsys Rolls Out Version 12.06 of Virtualizer Tool Set

Synopsys Virtualizer tool set

Synopsys released version 12.06 of their Virtualizer tool set for creating virtual prototypes and Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) for accelerating embedded software development. Virtualizer 12.06 release makes it easier for design teams to create virtual prototypes and deploy them to software engineers in VDKs. The new Virtualizer 12.06 release is available now.

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Synopsys Announces New Hybrid Prototyping Solution

Synopsys integrated hybrid prototyping solution

Synopsys introduced an integrated hybrid prototyping solution. The out-of-box solution features Synopsys’ Virtualizer virtual prototyping and Synopsys’ HAPS FPGA-based prototyping. By integrating the strengths of Virtualizer virtual prototyping with HAPS FPGA-based prototyping using the UMRBus physical link, Synopsys enables designers to develop fully operational SoC prototypes much faster and earlier in the design cycle, and accelerate software development and full system validation. The Synopsys hybrid prototyping solution is available now to early adopters.

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Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM Development Tool for Embedded Systems

Atollic released TrueSTUDIO for ARM. The embedded systems development tool helps engineers develop systems with ARM processor-based microcontrollers. Atollic TrueSTUDIO features a state-of-the-art editor, an optimizing C/C++ compiler and a multiprocessor-aware debugger with real-time tracing. Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM includes a range of features that take advantage of the advanced features of the Cortex-M processors.

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Corelis ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite, Version 7.5

Corelis introduced version 7.5 of their ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. The latest version features automatic identification and classification of resistors and capacitors involved in IEEE-1149.6 high speed, AC-coupled, and differential circuits. ScanExpress TPG v7.5 accelerates IEEE-1149.6 test development. The Corelis tool is available now for engineers with a valid maintenance contract.

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Arteris and EVE Design Flow for System-on-Chip Development

Arteris and EVE teamed together on an integrated solution for system-on-chip (SoC) developers. The design flow enables engineers to generate and use actual SoC register transfer level (RTL) implementations on EVE’s ZeBu-Server emulation platform. The integration flow helps SoC developers create and ship products sooner.

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Vector Fabrics vfEmbedded Cloud-based Tool for Embedded Systems

Vector Fabrics introduced the vfEmbedded cloud-based tool. vfEmbedded enables embedded systems engineers to easily partition and map their software onto complex multicore platforms. The tool will be available as a cloud-based software service on March 1st. vfEmbedded can be accessed with a standard web browser. Pricing starts at €450 per month. A free trial, including several example designs, is available. vfEmbedded is ideal for software designers trying to implement complex algorithms and codecs onto a given platform.

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New and Improved: Altia Design 9.2, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5

Altia rolled out Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5 HMI engineering tools for embedded systems. The tools enable engineers to build user interface models. Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0 now supports targets like OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenVG and Linux Framebuffer. FlowProto 1.5 pulls logic and structure out of Microsoft Visio and converts it to XML. PhotoProto 2.0 now features enhanced exporting options, integration capabilities with other tools and improved animation capabilities.

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IAR KickStart Kit for Freescale Kinetis K60 Microcontrollers

IAR Systems introduced a KickStart Kit for Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM Cortex-M4 based Kinetis microcontrollers. The IAR KickStart Kit for Kinetis K60 enables rapid evaluation of and prototyping with the Kinetis microcontroller family. The kit is compatible with the Freescale Tower System development platform. The starter kit is ideal for industrial control, medical, and consumer electronics applications. The IAR KickStart Kit for Kinetis K60 includes hardware boards, debug probe, software tools and code examples. It is available now for $239 USD (190 EUR).

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