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Mentor Embedded Optimizes Nucleus SmartFit

Mentor Graphics recently launched their new Nucleus SmartFit product. Nucleus SmartFit is a value-based development platform for developers that are migrating from bare metal to an RTOS environment where embedded devices require intelligence, connectivity, and low-power functionality. Pricing for the Mentor Nucleus SmartFit starts at $3,995. Devices supported by the Nucleus SmartFit product include Freescale Kinetis, and Texas Instruments’ Stellaris.

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Real Time Logic Web Tools Integrate with Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS

Real Time Logic’s web application development tools are now fully integrated and available for use with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system. The web tools include Real Time Logic’s Barracuda Application Server. Real Time Logic’s web protocols enable users of INTEGRITY-based devices to develop secure, full-featured, interoperable networked services.

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Microchip Technology Introduces Parallel SuperFlash Development Kit

Microchip Technology Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1

Microchip Technology introduced the Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1. The development kit features two Parallel Flash PICtail Plus daughter boards, one with a 64 Mbit device (the SST38VF6401) from the Advanced MPF+ family, and one with a 16 Mbit device (the SST39VF1601C) from the MPF+ family. The Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1 (part #AC243006-1 is available now for $30.

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Microchip Technology Introduces MPLAB XC8, XC16 and XC32 Compilers

Microchip Technology introduced the MPLAB XC, which is a simplified line of C compilers. The MPLAB XC8, XC16 and XC32 compilers offer reduced complexity for 8, 16 and 32-bit designers. They are available in three cost-effective optimization levels — Free, Standard and Pro. The Pro editions can be evaluated for free for 60 days. The MPLAB XC8 and MPLAB XC32 compilers are available now. The MPLAB XC16 compiler will be available in April. The discounted suite of all three compilers will be available in May. Prices for this new XC line have been reduced up to 60%, and the Pro editions is priced at $995.

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TI TMDX5502EZDSP and TMDX5509EZDSP eZdsp Development Tools

Texas Instruments introduced the TMDX5502EZDSP and TMDX5509EZDSP development tools for C5502 and C5509A digital signal processors. The TI eZdsp development tools are credit card sized and do not require cables. The C5502 eZdsp development tool features a range of integrated peripheral devices, an XDS100v2 emulator, a complete version of CCS IDE v4 and access to chip support, optimized DSP, image and telecom library with source code. In addition to the features of the C5502 tool, the C5509A eZdsp development tool also includes a USB1.1 slave port and a microSD card slot. The TMDX5502EZDSP is available now for $89 (USD) and the TMDX5509EZDSP is priced at $99 and is also available now.

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Express Logic PrismX GUI Development Tools for Embedded Systems

Express Logic introduced PrismX, which is an integration of Blue Water Embedded’s Prism GUI (graphic user interface) development solution with Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS. PrismX graphical interface development tools and libraries are ideal for designing and deploying advanced graphical interfaces on embedded systems. PrismX is delivered with full source code and royalty free, at license prices starting under $10,000.

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