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Premier Farnell Launches MCBSTM32F400UME and MCBSTM32F200UME Development Kits

Keil MCBSTM32F400 and MCBSTM32F200 Development Kits ~ Premier Farnell

Premier Farnell introduced the Keil MCBSTM32F400 and MCBSTM32F200 Development Kits. The ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processor-based STM32F2xx and STM32F4xx Development Kits will be shipped with Keil MDK-Lite Development Tools and the ULINK-ME Debug Adapter. The Cortex-M3 processor-based STM32F2xx and the Cortex-M4 processor-based STM32F4xx devices featured on the boards can reduce power consumption in applications requiring both high processing power and low-power performance when running at low voltage or on rechargeable batteries.

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VIA AMOS-5000 Series Device Development Kits

VIA Technologies introduced the AMOS-5000 series device development kits for designing application-specific and fanless Em-ITX-based systems. VIA AMOS-5000 series development kits combine application specific VIA EM-IO expansion modules with specially designed extendable aluminum chassis kits. This enables embedded systems engineers to develop a variety of fanless embedded box systems for a range of applications. VIA AMOS-5000 series development kits are available now.

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Logic AM1808 System on Module and Development Kits

Logic announced the AM1808 System on Module (SOM) and the Zoom AM1808 Development Kits for the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) AM1808 microprocessor. The Logic AM1808 SOM and development kits can accelerate product development of embedded systems by four to six months. Logic’s AM1808 SOM-M1 and Zoom AM1808 Development Kits are available now. The suggested retail price for the EVM Development Kit is $1,150 and for the eXperimenter Kit is $445.

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