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Cadence Silicon Realization Webinars

Cadence Design Systems is offering a series of silicon realization webinars. The webcasts will present new approaches to improving productivity, predictability, and profitability. Attendess will learn how to maximize investment in the UVM, find out how to achieve a predictable and convergent path to closure, learn how to eliminate bugs with formal verification, and enhance design team collaboration. All the online seminars will take place from 10am-11am PST.

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Mentor Graphics Calibre xACT 3D Field Solver for Parasitic Extraction

Mentor Graphics launched Calibre xACT 3D for parasitic RC extraction. Calibre xACT 3D is a solution for high-accuracy, transistor-level extraction. The tool combines a deterministic field solver with traditional, rule-based production extraction tools. It is a complete parasitic extraction solution with deterministic field solver accuracy, process variation modeling, electrically aware reduction, and industry-standard netlist formats, all within the design environment. Calibre xACT 3D is available now.

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