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Cobham Releases Opera 16 Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Software

Opera 16: Electromagnetic & Multiphysics Software for Designers

Cobham Technical Services launched version 16 of their Opera electromagnetics and multiphysics design software. The latest version of Vector Fields Software’s electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation software suite includes many new capabilities and enhancements. The tool helps engineers to accelerate analysis time. By harnessing the parallel processing capabilities of multi-core processors, computational time can be significantly reduced using Opera-3d version 16.

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TI-RTOS Real-time Operating System Features Preemptive Multithreading Kernel

Texas Instruments TI-RTOS real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel

Texas Instruments launched TI-RTOS, which is a complete real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel. TI-RTOS speeds software development by eliminating the need for designers to write and maintain complex system software, including schedulers, protocol stacks and low-level drivers. TI-RTOS is available now on select devices, including ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs and C2000 dual core C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs. It will be offered soon on MSP430 MCUs, as well as other C2000 and ARM-based MCUs. TI will continue to expand its RTOS offering beyond the MCU portfolio to other processor families.

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Jasper User Group to Take Place Next Month

Jasper User Group Meeting 2012

Jasper Design Automation will hold their annual user meeting November 12 -13, 2012. The Jasper User Group will gather designers, verification engineers and engineering managers from around the world to share the latest verification best practices. The event will take place at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino, California.

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Microchip Technology Introduces Parallel SuperFlash Development Kit

Microchip Technology Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1

Microchip Technology introduced the Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1. The development kit features two Parallel Flash PICtail Plus daughter boards, one with a 64 Mbit device (the SST38VF6401) from the Advanced MPF+ family, and one with a 16 Mbit device (the SST39VF1601C) from the MPF+ family. The Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1 (part #AC243006-1 is available now for $30.

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Tektronix MSO5000 and DPO5000 Series Oscilloscope Platform

Tektronix introduced the MSO/DPO5000 Series mixed signal oscilloscope platform for embedded systems design engineers. The MSO5000 and DPO5000 Series series features eight models ranging from 350 MHz of analog bandwidth and 5 GS/s sample rates to 2 GHz and 10 GS/s for higher-end applications. Record length ranges from 12.5M up to 250M for in-depth analysis and debug. Each model has four analog channels. The MSO models also offer 16 digital channels and built-in parallel bus trigger and decode functionality. In addition, the DPO models are field upgradeable to MSO models.

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Webinar: Embedded Systems Designers Need to Take Notice

Frost & Sullivan is hosting a webinar, Embedded Systems Designers Need to Take Notice. The online briefing will discuss the developments with high speed serial interfaces. The webcast will take place Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010 at 3 p.m. EDT. The online seminar is free and be presented by Dennis Murphy (CEO of Absolute Analysis) and Jessy Cavazos (Industry Director for Frost & Sullivan’s Measurement & Instrumentation Group).

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Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v4 CAD Software for PCB Designers

Sunstone Circuits announced version four of their PCB123 CAD software for PCB designers. With Sunstone PCB123 v4, engineers design with full knowledge of the budgetary and scheduling impacts of their design decisions, as well as the hard engineering information. The free-to-use, no license required design tool increases flexibility in schematic and layout editing. Many of the parts research elements that design engineers use in the Digi-Key website are also available to them inside the PCB123 tool.

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Atrenta SpyGlass-Physical for Early Implementation Analysis

Atrenta launched SpyGlass-Physical tool for early implementation analysis. SpyGlass-Physical provides early estimates of area, power, timing and routability for RTL designers without the need for physical design expertise or tools. The tool helps to achieve performance targets in concurrent block/SoC development processes by using interactive implementation analysis features. The result is enhanced guidance for the actual implementation of both IPs and full-chip SoCs. SpyGlass-Physical is currently in limited deployment.

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eASIC eTools 8.1 Design Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 Designs

eASIC rolled out eTools 8.1 Design Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 designs. The eTools 8.1 based design flow helps designers to simply perform front-end design conversion and back-end implementation. New features and enhancements in eTools 8.1 enable designers to reduce overall design time by up to 40% while increasing design performance by up to 30% compared to the previous eTools 8.0 suite. FPGA and ASIC designers can try a 30-day evaluation of eTools 8.1 for free.

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Magma Titan Up Program for Analog Designers, Win an Apple iTouch

Magma Design Automation announced their Titan Up! program to help analog designers learn the latest technologies for analog and mixed-signal design. Current and prospective Magma customers can take a quiz to enter a drawing for an Apple iTouch. The Titan Up! online quizzes allows designers to test their knowledge of analog design basics and analog IC history. Eash week, an Apple iTouch will be given away.

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