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Mentor Graphics Introduces Version 9.4 of PADS PCB Design Tools

Mentor Graphics rolled out version 9.4 of their PADS PCB design tools. PADS v9.4 release provides engineers with the critical technologies required for today’s complex PCB designs. The completely integrated and scalable PADS 9.4 flow addresses high-speed, thermal, manufacturing prep, signal and power integrity, and FPGA to PCB optimizations. The PADS 9.4 software includes new associated nets functionality, which reduces design time and helps designers easily define high-speed associated nets, assign constraints, and be assured that they will be routed to those rules.

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Cadence, Samsung Foundry Develop DFM Flows for 32nm, 28nm, 20nm Chip Design

Cadence Design Systems and Samsung Foundry teamed together to create a design-for-manufacturing infrastructure to produce complex chips. Cadence worked closely with Samsung Foundry to integrate their robust DFM suite. The resulting flows and underlying infrastructure provide a significant competitive edge by enabling engineers to meet tight deadlines while reducing the risk of costly errors.

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Mentor Graphics vSure v9.0 DFM Tool

Mentor Graphics introduced vSure version 9.0, which is the successor to Valor Enterprise 3000 Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) tool. vSure v9.0 enables designers to perform extensive DFM analysis during the PCB design process. This improves productivity, avoids costly design re-spins, and speeds the time to target high-volume production. The vSure product line integrates with both Mentor and non-Mentor PCB design solutions to address a worldwide market in all industry segments. The vSure release 9.0 tool is available now.

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