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GrammaTech CodeSonar v3.8 Features Faster Code Analysis, Fewer False Positives

GrammaTech CodeSonar v3.8 Static Analysis Tool

GrammaTech rolled out version 3.8 of their CodeSonar software. According to GrammaTech, CodeSonar v3.8 is faster and more precise than the previous version. The tool features faster code analysis with fewer false positives. The latest version of the static analysis tool makes it much easier to analyze projects with millions of lines of code. The speedup was achieved by parallelizing the analysis engine to take advantage of multi-core processors.

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Wind River Test Management 4.0 with Dynamic Instrumentation Technology

Wind River launched version 4.0 of their Wind River Test Management for monitoring, executing and managing embedded device software testing. Wind River Test Management 4.0 enables test coverage at the branch and block level, working directly on optimized production binaries. The full-featured test automation system identifies high-risk segments in production code, enabling optimized testing that focuses just on changes between builds.

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Coverity 5 with Defect Impact Mapping and Unified Defect Management

Coverity 5 is the industry’s first software integrity offer that automatically scans, prioritizes, and maps the impact of defects introduced by software changes. Coverity 5 is specifically designed to help development organizations mitigate the business risk of software changes across their entire product portfolio. Coverity 5 will be generally available by the end of the first quarter of 2010. Pricing and packaging will not change.

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