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Synopsys Rolls Out Version 12.06 of Virtualizer Tool Set

Synopsys Virtualizer tool set

Synopsys released version 12.06 of their Virtualizer tool set for creating virtual prototypes and Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) for accelerating embedded software development. Virtualizer 12.06 release makes it easier for design teams to create virtual prototypes and deploy them to software engineers in VDKs. The new Virtualizer 12.06 release is available now.

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Crossware Embedded Development Studio Version 5

Crossware rolled out version 5.0 of their Embedded Development Studio. The latest version of the embedded systems tool includes a wide range of advanced features that are designed to speed up and simplify the software development process. Crossware’s Embedded Development Studio binds together tool chains, simulators, debuggers, code creation wizards, and workspace generators. It provides editing, serial i/o and facilities for viewing and searching electronic versions of the documentation. Embedded Development Studio v5.0 supports all of the microprocessor and microcontroller development tools in the Crossware portfolio.

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